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It’s here. Body Butters & Scrubs

Hello and Thank you for coming Back,

It’s Here My Beautiful Queens can Order My Organic Homemade Body Butters.  It’s called Taylor Suga Butter’s  by Tanya K. Our kinks r Curls are more than DVM bloggers. This will be an expansion. To be healthy it’s more than the exercise, eating healthy, and having healthy looking hair. My daughter has eczema and it’s mostly all over her body. She used to wear jeans and long sleeves during the summer months to cover her skin. Since, I’ve been treating her skin with sugar scrubs, Sea Salt Scrubs, and Body butters. Her skin has become clearer than usually, soft to the touch and moisturized. She loves her glowing skin, and it’s because of her I decided to share this with everyone.

Homemade Butters and Scrubs are made to order so it can be delivered fresh and ready to use. It’s gentle enough to use on young children that may experience dry skin, dry patches on skin and eczema.

This is Raw Shea Butter 


All Butters are made with Olive Oil, Jojoba oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Grapeseed Oil, and Vitamin E. Essential oil for Fragrance. IMG_0390

Body Scrubs are made with Organic Sea Salt, Brown Sugar, Sugar Cane, Honey, Olive oil, Coconut oil and Vanilla Extract.


To Order please Contact Tanya K. by Email

Please Let us know if you have any Known Allergies so we may  substitute to your liking.

When you order more than two products I ask that a deposit is made.

Thank you for your support , As always Love peace & hair cream.



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New Launch

Hello Queens, Happy Pre -Holiday Weekend. (the weekend before the next holiday) something I made up at work one day. (LOL)

This is Tanya K  of Ourkinksrcurls.  For years I been making my own products here and there when money was tight around the house. I have two girls ages five years old and 14 years old and of course, both of my princesses are natural like their mama bear. So, you know products goes quickly at my house, and that’s when the DIY began and Never STOP. Love making Butter and Body scrubs.


One day, one of my close friends told me I should share what I do with the world. I gave it some thought, and I mean some serious thought because it’s a lot of other people doing the same thing. But, why not share what I love to do with you queens.




Founder of OKRC

So, I am launching my NEW ONLINE  STORE for **ALL NATURALLY Made ** Body butter, Face and Foot Scrubs alone with a line of Deep conditioners, hair oils, and hair butter.

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In the slide show you see

Brown suga &Honey Scrub. ** It’s great for your any place on your body especially your face and lips. You would treat it as a facial mask.

The second Picture is Mango Body Butta w/coconut oil that applies after I use my scrubs.

Along with Lavender, Suga Foot scrubs w/ Honey. I use this mixture for my foot heels (I call biscuits). IMG_0272

These are only a few for now. I will provide the list of Scrubs, Body & Hair Butters along with Hair oils and Deep Conditioners by the end of the week before the holiday. 

See you guys soon,

Love,peace & body cream

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